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Ride da Wave

Soultrade Records 10111891 October 3, 2016

Techno. Music. EDM. House music

Ride Da Wave by Ed Flow

Here’s the DJ Feedback that we have obtained so far.

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nick & danny chatelain (goanche) Rated:4 out of 5.  Comment: nice vibe

SwitchBlade (Psycho Dad Monster Disco Records / Warehouse Connection) Rated:3 out of 5. Comment: DOPE!!!

Alessandro Schiffer (Radio PartyGroove TRS Radio TechnoDisco ) Rated:3 out of 5. Comment: will try

Calavera & Manya ( Mad Mole Music) Rated:4 out of 5. Comment:  good tech, i get it for collection

DJ SaF (Official) ( Kaleydo Records) Rated:4 out of 5. Comment:   Good release… I’ll try for the result… Thanks for the music… Cheers, DJ SaF

Jack Carter. Rated: 5 out of 5.  Comment: More electronic, nice stuff…SUPPORTED

Cole Medina ( Licorice Delight) Rated: 3 out of 5.  Comment: thanks for the promo, will have a listen later! cheers, cole

DEZZ (UB Radio, Digitally Imported) Rated:4 out of 5. Comment:   good work! thanks!

George Marvel (Frisky Radio,Central) Rated:3 out of 5. Comment:  Dlding,thanks!

marco carola (Â music on) Rated:3 out of 5. Comment:  downloading for marco carola, thanks

Mike Barajas (Beat FM, Cuebase FM, Akbal, Skizzo Eisenwaren Music, Schicker Recordings, SurBeat Records)
Rated:4 out of 5. Comment:  Good track

DVJ NIBURU (Unstuck Musik) Rated:5 out of 5. Comment:  Full support by Dvj Niburu (Unstuck Musik / Tauten record)

Rob Zile (KissFM Subtec Records,Metaphysical Records) Rated:3 out of 5. Comment:  thank you great work

Robert DB (DB Records) Rated:4 out of 5. Comment:  Nice track ! Support ! downloading, thanks !

Filthy Groovin ( FilthyGroovinMusicGroup) Rated:3 out of 5. Comment:  Nice Release

Richie Hawtin ( Minus)  Rated:3 out of 5. Comment:  downloaded for r hawtin

Tommie Quick.   Rated:3 out of 5.  Comment: Different. Like it.

Salla (97.7 fm Entourage)  Rated:3 out of 5. Comment: killerrr

BeroK.    Rated:4 out of 5. Comment:   will try

Luis Martinez (88.5fm(tampa)/105.9fm(Cali)107.9fm(Scotland)Worldwide clubs KarmicPower/EPM/Bulletdodge/House Sessions/Chillin Bass)
Rated:4 out of 5. Comment:  nice work

Joseph Capriati (Drumcode)  Rated:3 out of 5. Comment:  downloading for joseph capriati, thanks !

DJ HMC (Club Vibez )   Rated:3 out of 5. Comment:  ok track will be playing

Blue Tone Boy (Full mixes via Soundcloud & Mixcloud ! LAD Publishing & Records & Syndikick Records UK @Dusk records London)
Rated:3 out of 5. Comment:  Unique Techno sound !

Luca Beni ( Truelife,Cubek,Pocket Jacks Trax,Dc 10 Records) Rated:4 out of 5. Comment: thx for the music

Perthil (Various Traumuart)  Rated:5 out of 5. Comment: super cool track!

luciano (cadenza) Rated: 3 out of 5. Comment:Downloaded for Luciano, thanks

Pete Tong’s A&R (R1 FFRR)   Rated:3 out of 5. Comment:Downloading for Pete Tong, thanks

Sun Son AKA Coco Ariaz (House Beats Radio Station Class Concept) Rated:4 out of 5. Comment: Nice track. Thanks!

Sergio Matina.  Rated:3 out of 5. Comment: Nice work!!!

Vilas Monnappa (Monique Speciale, Baroque Records, Berlin Aufnahmen, Klinik Room Records, Baroque Digital, KP Sounds, Soupherb Records & Bequem Digital) Rated: 5 out of 5. Comment: Support from Vilas Monnappa

LRCN (Digitally Imported) Rated:3 out of 5. Comment:  Thanks for sending.

Justin Bailey. Rated:4 out of 5. Comment: nice track

Andres Luque (a100 Records/Wanna dance Music/Digital Room RECORDS/SOULFREAK RECORDS/DAMUSIC/Atopic Muzik/Humanimals/Tatun Records/Underfk Records/Bedroom Muzik/Suma Records/Black Turlte Records / Big Drug Music)  Rated:5 out of 5. Comment:good job

DJ Magic B (Event Bookings) Rated:4 out of 5. Comment:  Nice club production

Steve’Butch’Jones ( Rated:4 out of 5. Comment:  Nice production, will try out. Thanks for the music.

Tiesto.  Rated:3 out of 5. Comment: Downloading for Tiesto, many thanks

danny slade (Herald Radio/ iDJ Magazine/ Zone Magazine )  Rated:4 out of 5. Comment:  I am loving the authentic electro feel!

Andy Spinelli (Cafe del Mar Tarifa Peanut Musik, 24 Beats Recordings, Heatroom Records, Raveart Records)

Rated:4 out of 5. Comment:  Support!! Thanks!!

dj-untreu (Kuhstall) Rated:3 out of 5. Comment: für ab und zu ganz ok.

Dj Gary Cannavo (8 time DMA/WMC nominated #1 Worldwide Dj Record Pool masspool djs promo music dj pool)
Rated: 5 out of 5. Comment:  well done

iDJPool (iDJPool – Chicago, IL USA)  Rated: 3 out of 5. Comment:  will test

Glenn Friscia (Pulse 87/KTU/NOW DJ/Remixer/Producer/Radio Jock)  Rated:5 out of 5. Comment:  nice track

dj shaun m (few internet stations yooyoo records)  Rated:5 out of 5. Comment:  liking theses 🙂

Monsta (Music Choice & KXRG 95.9 FM Honolulu, HI Dauman Records) Rated:5 out of 5 Awesome tune! Thank you so much for sending me this promo.

aleksij (fragola arious)   Rated:4 out of 5. Comment:   will play

Ruslan Cross (CrossFire Black Hole / Nell / Tug Underground / Natura Viva)  Rated:4 out of 5. Comment:  downloading for ruslan cross, thx for promo.



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